The Event

FLYER - The Twitgigs Experiment

When: 6 August, 2009
Where: The Vibe Bar, London

3 acts battling head to head to win a cash prize
with the winner voted for by tweet

It seems that everyone’s talking about Twitter these days and the music world is no exception. Twitter has slowly become a gateway to the previously inaccessible – yielding an unprecedented opportunity for the everyday music-lover to connect with their favourite musicians on a level never before achieved.

Already used by artists such as Imogen Heap, John Mayer and Chris Cornell as well as up-and-coming acts – short, sharp bursts of comment, reaction, opinion, link-sharing and even tweeting tracks through services such as provide a medium for artists to reach out to their fans and fans to fellow music-lovers. The Twitgigs Experiment aims to bring this interaction to the live music sphere.

Event details will be published here at each stage…





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